A luxury kitchen remodel in a new home

What Goes Into the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchens are the heart of most homes and one of the most significant value factors. Kitchen remodels have typically been one of the most requested home renovations due to the importance of this room. Homeowners considering a kitchen remodel often want to know what the benefits of their project as well as what it will cost, but many factors go into determining the price of the renovation.

According to the Cost vs. Value Report for 2022 from Remodeling Magazine, major upscale kitchen remodels are the most expensive single-room renovation, with a national average of $158,015. Minor kitchen remodels are much more budget-friendly, averaging $28,279 and recouping 71.2% in resale value, the second-highest renovation to improve resale value on the list. Many different elements will determine the exact cost of a kitchen remodel.

Where Do You Live?

The Cost vs. Value report gives national averages and breaks down costs by region. There is a big difference in cost from region to region and between rural and metropolitan areas. For example, the average kitchen remodel in the Mountain region where Arizona is located is slightly less than the national average. Those living in the West Region have much higher remodeling costs, while those in the Southeast have the lowest costs in the nation.

Kitchen Features

The most significant impact on the cost of a kitchen remodel is what features will be added or replaced. The largest expense in most major kitchen renovations is the cabinets. If cabinets are replaced, this can add a significant cost to the project. Customized features and premium materials also impact your costs, from high-tech faucets and brass hardware to cabinet organizers. For those trying to cut costs, pairing budget-friendly cabinets with premium accents can give the desired appearance without the high ticket price.


Are you planning on updating your appliances with your kitchen remodel? You can either build around your existing appliances or take the opportunity to update to new technology and styles. A major, upscale kitchen remodel will often include new appliance costs, which can account for a significant portion of the overall cost.


The demolition itself is mostly labor costs, but it can come with some surprises. Once counters, flooring, and sinks are removed, unexpected costs can be uncovered. Rotting floorboards, damaged plumbing, or electrical issues may need to be repaired, which would not be part of your initial estimate. If you have a strict budget, you should save 20% of your total budget to cover unexpected costs. If the demolition goes smoothly, you may have more to spend on other elements.

Design, Materials, Permits, and Labor

Every construction project must be designed, planned, and permitted. Contractors and crews must be paid, and materials such as wood, wiring, stone, and flooring must be purchased. All these elements contribute to the cost of your kitchen remodel.

Upscale Kitchen Remodels for Your Budget

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