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Does Renovating a Home Increase Its Value?

Many of us who own our own homes have wondered if it is wise to put money into making improvements. Will the renovations increase the value of our house, or will we just be incurring more expenses for no return? This article will help you work through your considerations by providing the answers to these questions and the information you need to make a well-informed choice.

Renovating for Home Value: Myth or Reality?

Renovating a home has long been seen as a way to increase its value. The view is as follows: if you invest in your home strategically (like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, adding a new room, or sprucing up the exterior), you can increase the asking price when it comes time to sell. Is there evidence to back up this theory?

The answer is a resounding yes. Numerous studies have shown that renovating a home can indeed increase its value. For example, according to a report by Remodeling Magazine, in 2021, the average return on investment (ROI) for home renovations was 66.7%, meaning homeowners recouped around two-thirds of their investment through increased home value. This statistic demonstrates that renovating a home can be a financially sound decision.

Factors Affecting Home Value Increase Through Renovation

Several factors can impact how much renovating a home increases its value. Here is a breakdown of the most significant ones:

  • Location: The location of your home plays a crucial role in determining its value. If your home is in a desirable neighborhood with excellent schools, amenities, and a strong housing market, renovating it can lead to a higher increase in value. On the other hand, if your home is in a less desirable location, the ROI of your renovation may be lower.
  • Renovation Type: The renovation type you undertake can also affect the increase in home value. Kitchen and bathroom renovations tend to have a higher ROI than other renovations. These areas are often considered the heart of the home and are essential elements buyers look for when purchasing a property. Other renovations, like a deck or a new room, can increase home value, but the ROI may vary depending on local market trends and buyer preferences.
  • Quality of Work: The quality of the renovation work also matters. Poorly executed renovations or the use of low-quality materials can negatively impact your home’s value. Therefore, hiring a reputable contractor like Premier Kitchen & Bath that uses high-quality materials is essential to ensure the renovation adds value to your home.

Benefits of Renovating for Home Value

Renovating a home can offer several benefits beyond increasing its value. Here are some additional advantages:

Enhanced Comfort and Functionality: Renovating your home can make it more comfortable and functional for you and your family. Upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or living spaces can improve your day-to-day living experience and create a more enjoyable and practical home environment.

Energy Efficiency: Renovating can improve your home’s energy efficiency, lowering utility bills and reducing environmental impact. Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, windows, and insulation can save you money over time and make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Updated Design and Style: Renovating your home allows you to update its design and style to match current trends or personal preferences. This modernization can make your home more visually appealing and contemporary, a significant selling point for potential buyers.

Increased Marketability: Renovating your home can make it more marketable in a competitive real estate market. A well-maintained and updated home is more likely to attract potential buyers and sell faster than a home needing repairs or upgrades.

Call Premier Kitchen & Bath for Your Renovation Needs

Renovating a home can increase its value, but it is crucial to approach renovations strategically, considering factors such as location, quality of work, and budget. Contact Premier Kitchen & Bath to arrange a consultation with a qualified team of professionals if you want to start a home remodeling project. We can help you plan and implement a renovation that maximizes your home’s value and enhances your living space.