The perfect shower can help give you the best start to your day. If your shower is outdated or you are building a new master bathroom, determining the best features to use to customize your shower can help you achieve the ideal style and function for your bathroom. Here are some tips on how to configure your shower for a refreshing experience.

Location, Location, Location

Where your shower is placed will impact its size, accessibility, and design. While you can always place it in a corner or in the back of the bathroom, which is traditional, there are many other options. Bathrooms have become much larger over the last few decades, and many people want a shower that is the focal point of their bathroom. This can include showers that are placed in the center of the room or spread along a wall.

Bigger is Better

No one wants to feel confined while they take their shower. Modern showers tend to be as large as the space will allow. For bathroom remodels, creating a larger shower space can require appropriating space from an adjoining room or other areas in the bathroom. Most luxury showers are at least four to five feet in width to give plenty of space to move around and add other features to the shower area.

Tub or No Tub?

Many modern bathrooms only have a large walk-in shower, but if you love to soak, you will need room for your bathtub. When configuring your shower, you can combine the tub and shower or have them as separate entities. One unique option is to create a wet room with a standing tub inside an enclosed shower. The shower/tub combination is best for small bathrooms, but you can still update the features to enhance your bathroom’s style and functionality.

Modern Floor Options

If you are building a walk-in shower, you need to consider the flooring. For a contemporary look, you can choose a curb-free shower with a floor at the same level as your bathroom floor. Not only does this create a sleek look, but it is also perfect for those with limited mobility. Modern glass enclosures can be built without a threshold, but you can also opt for a step-in shower to help confine water overflow.

Tile, Stone, Glass, and More

The materials you choose for your shower will help to determine the style. If you prefer a modern look, glass, and tile are excellent choices. For a more natural feel, stone backgrounds or accent walls are a popular choice. Glass enclosures can be framed or frameless—there are endless options to consider. Our Premier Kitchen & Bath designers can show you many gorgeous ideas to help create your ideal shower.

Door or No Door?

The entrance to your shower can be open or curtained, or you can have a sliding or swinging door. Glass doors are the best option for those that want the shower completely enclosed, but large showers do not necessarily require a door. A sliding door is ideal for smaller bathrooms as it requires less space.

Luxury Shower Features

Do you want a rain showerhead or multiple showerheads for a full-body experience? Is music in the shower vital to start your day? There are hundreds of luxury shower features to choose from as you create your perfect shower.

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