Many homes were built with small bathrooms that have little room to renovate. When a larger enclosed shower or sprawling bathtub are not options, there are other ways to add a touch of class to your smaller bathrooms. Your bathroom does not need to be spacious to have a luxurious style and optimum function. Here are several ways you can add luxury to your small bathroom.

Curved Corner Showers

If you want an enclosed glass shower but are limited in space, head to the corner and think curved. Right angles take up more space but may feel confining. Rounded glass showers placed in a corner give the illusion of more space while adding a modern touch to a small bathroom.

Glass Enclosure for Shower/Tub Combinations

A shower curtain on a shower/bathtub combination can make your small bathroom look even smaller. A sliding glass door can create a more open look for your full bath. Many innovative glass enclosures are available that can update the look of your bathtub, including frameless or semi-framed glass enclosures for a sleek, modern style.

Toilet Technology

Smart toilets are all the rage when it comes to luxury bathrooms. You do not need a large bathroom to enjoy the benefits of a luxury commode. These toilets can be equipped with all types of features, from a bidet and temperature controls to personalized settings for users.

Make it Marble

Marble has a timeless quality that adds a luxurious feel to any bathroom. From marble tile in your shower to marble sinks, walls, or countertops, there are many ways to incorporate marble inside your smaller bathroom. Not only is marble beautiful, but it is also easy to maintain, and it has great value with its longevity.

Bring in the Light

Natural light can enhance the appearance of a smaller bathroom and make it inviting. Increasing the size of a window or adding a skylight can bask your little bathroom with light that helps make it appear larger. Adding updated lighting fixtures can also bring a touch of class to your bathroom, including vintage chandeliers and pendant lighting options.

Classic Black and White

There is something about combining black and white in a bathroom that immediately updates the style and adds a touch of class. Consider elements like a black-and-white geometric pattern for the flooring combined with white walls and black features like a basin sink or bathroom door.

Replace Your Hardware

One of the quickest ways to create a more lavish style for your bathroom is to replace outdated or dull hardware. Matte black, polished brass, rose gold, and brushed nickel are some of the most popular finishes for faucets and accents.

Let Us Add Luxury to Your Small Bathroom

Whether it is a guest bath or your master bath, a small bathroom does not need to be boring. Our Premier Kitchen & Bath designers have endless ideas on how to create stunning bathrooms regardless of size. If you want to give your small bathroom a luxurious look, contact our team to schedule your bathroom design consultation. Call the showroom nearest you—we have locations in Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ, for your convenience.