5 Kitchen Remodel Features To Complement Your Wood Box Beams

Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Your New Custom Box Beams

Adding box wood beams to your home is a sure way to improve the look of any room. Box beams can have an especially big impact on your kitchen, where the space can often seem functional and uninspired. If you are thinking of investing in kitchen remodeling this year, consider adding box beams to your kitchen.

All of the features you choose for your kitchen remodel can work together to create a bold and beautiful new look. Here are five features you should consider for your kitchen remodel that would complement your new box wood beams:

Beautiful Remodeled Kitchen With Custom Wood Box Beams In Mesa, AZ

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Box beams can have a rustic look to them, particularly if you choose a natural finish. You can complement that rustic design by choosing wooden kitchen cabinets with a similar look. The cabinets don’t have to match your box beams, but you should think about how they work together. You should think through elements like color, finish, design, and hardware.

Work with your Mesa remodeling contractor to view a variety of design combinations in a 3D modeling software. You can picture different box beam designs with different cabinet designs to figure out the best combination.

Brick Walls 

Brick walls can be rusty or modern. They have a unique look that has become very trendy in recent years. You can pair brick walls with your wood cabinets and box beams to create a powerful new look for your kitchen.

You don’t have to put up brick walls throughout your whole kitchen. You can make an impact with just one accent wall. You also don’t have to put up actual brick to get the look. You can use brick veneer or even a faux brick panel on the wall, and no one will know the difference.

Industrial Light Fixtures

There is a growing design trend in which rustic and modern elements are joined together for a unique look. You can achieve this in your new kitchen with a few simple touches, such as the addition of box beams with new industrial lighting fixtures. Think big, clear edison bulbs and iron pipes. Think old oil lamps or lantern lights.

You can get more of the industrial look throughout your kitchen using metal pipes for things like table legs or shelves. Again, work with your Arizona remodeling contractor or designer to explore some ideas.

Light Colors: White Cabinets & Walls To Create Contrast

You can create a nice contrast to your box beams by using light colors in your kitchen. White walls and white cabinets will create a nice contrast to the rich wooden hues. The lighter palette in your kitchen will put a spotlight on the natural beauty of the beams.

You might consider making your whole kitchen light colors except a few key details, such as your box beams, your floors, and maybe another accent piece of two.

A Modern Kitchen Design

Box beams are not suited just to a rustic design scheme. They come in a variety of styles and finishes, and you can use them in any design. Box beams look especially good in a modern décor scheme. Consider using them with modern cabinet styles, sleek appliances, and glossy countertops and tables.

Box beams can be used in a variety of ways in your kitchen to give it a more interesting and beautiful design. When you are working with your Scottsdale kitchen remodeling contractor, mention your interest in wood box beams and explore some other elements that would complement the beams and create a cohesive look. You can make the box beams an accent to an overall remodel, or you can make them a signature piece for a more subtle design scheme. They can also be the main upgrade in what would otherwise be a small cosmetic facelift.

Contact Arizona’s Leading Custom Box Beam Company

Woodland Custom Beam Company can create the perfect box beams for any kitchen remodel design you have in mind. Our box beams are handmade from the highest-quality woods, and our craftsmen are committed to making every detail perfect. We can make the beams in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, and we can use many different types of wood. Because these beams are hollow, they are also easier to install, and they can be hung in just about any space. Explore our online gallery and contact us today to get the perfect custom box beams for your kitchen.


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