For Modern Bathroom Designs in Your Phoenix, AZ, Home, Choose a Seasoned Design-Build Contractor

Bathroom Designs Phoenix AZIf you have new bathroom designs in mind for a renovation project at your Phoenix, Arizona, home but need help filling in some gaps, a professional design-build firm has the products and experience needed to help you realize your vision. For instance, you may know already that you want a more open space in your bathroom, but how do you make it happen? Consider a shower splash wall. This simple, yet modern feature eliminates the need for a tub or a shower door, providing a more open appearance.

Perhaps you or a loved one is aging in place or otherwise is encumbered by having to step into a traditional bathtub. There are bathroom designs available with walk-in tubs that feature wide doors, low step-in basins, ramps, handrails, and other features that make getting into and out of a tub easier. Curbless showers are another great option for ease-of-access bathing.

If you’re more interested in bathroom designs that are geared toward pampering and luxury, a design-build company can certainly accommodate your wishes. How does ending your day in a steam shower sound? Or starting your day under the warm embrace of a rain shower head? There are countless high-end bathroom fixtures available in Phoenix, AZ, for you to indulge in a little luxury.

Homeowners in the Phoenix, AZ, area who are thinking of a bathroom remodel should choose Premier Kitchen & Bath. We are a seasoned design-build firm that has the experience and products to create bathroom designs that are tailored exactly to your needs. We will take your ideas as inspiration and then add our own expertise to design a modern bathroom that will exceed your expectations. For a free, in-showroom consultation about bathroom designs that we can provide for your home, contact Premier Kitchen & Bath today.